W 2020r UTILCELL świętuje swoje 40-lecie!

1. 1. 2020

01/01/2020 - We would like to begin the new year by wishing you all a very happy and prosperous year 2020, in which you may see your wishes fulfilled and achieve the greatest success, on both a personal and a professional level.

This year 2020 is also a very special year for us, as it marks Utilcell’s 40th anniversary. Since our beginnings in 1980, we have been dedicated to the specialized manufacturing of load cells, which are sensors to measure force and weight, which must be of the utmost precision and reliability. Therefore, our load cells are components that entail great responsibility for most of the systems in which they are installed, whether these may be scales, dosing machines, silo weighing, the control of industrial processes, or load limitations on cranes.

It is not to be forgotten that the use of these sensors continues to grow year after year, with an increasingly greater number or technical and regulatory requirements. To be able to reach the annual manufacturing of hundreds of thousands of units of a highly-demanding technical standard, throughout these years we have had to invest considerably and also be very competitive with costs. Overcoming all of this has made us one of the main European manufacturers.

Accordingly, we hereby transmit our most sincere gratitude for everyone who has deposited their trust in the load cells of Utilcell, and in their mechanical mounting accessories, as well as the electronic weighing equipment that we also manufacture, over these 40 years.

Finally, and most fundamentally, we thank you for the trust that you deposit daily in the people of Utilcell, contacting us for technical and/or commercial advice, for the correct selection of products; using our customer service, for the processing of your orders, for us to provide deliveries to you as swiftly as possible; requesting our after-sales technical assistance, to help you with your implementations and maintenance. From all of the personnel of Utilcell in general, we are very grateful for your trust and we guarantee you that there is a great team of professionals behind us that works most happily, meticulously and with the utmost willingness, enthusiasm and commitment to be your preferred provider. We hope that you will continue to count on us to address new needs together.

We sincerely acknowledge that our day-to-day work is truly enjoyable as we see that, with good products and working with effort and a good attitude, we also always receive gratitude from our customers, which is a source of great motivation for us.

Thank you very much and Happy 2020!