Data Logger DataBridge SDR2-CF

The Acumen Instrument data logger SDR2-CF is the solution to the data logging on the serial port RS-232 of all the indicators in our offer. Allows record data to PC compatible files to a Compact Flash card supporting FAT32 file system. It is possible to record data flow from the indicator in a stream or to work on demand thanks to up to 10 messages that the logger can send to the indicator.  It is possible also to attach to each record a time stamp so exact timing of the measurement is known.

Technical documentation

Data rates 50 - 921600 bps
Data formats 7/8 data bits, none/even/odd polarity , 1/2 stops bits  
File format PC compatible with Windows (FAT 16 or FAT 32)  
Storage device Compact Flash card  
Power supply 5-30 VDC
Consuption 350 (recording) , 250 (low power mode), 100 (idle) mW
Working temperature -40°C to + 85°C  
Dimensions 12,4 x 8,57 x 3,12 cm
Weight 241 (without the CF card) g