The LOADGUARD is an electronic load limiter with redundant weight control by reading up to two independent input signals from the load cells or load pins. Its output relays act according the alarm setting, weight differences between channels or system failures. The main applications are the control and overload protection in lifting equipments, cranes and machinery.


Příklad použití

Technical documentation

Input signal range ± 3,9 mV/V
Input sensitivity 0,2 microV
A/D converter 24 bits
Linearity error ≤ 0,01 % measuring range
Temperature stability < 0,002 % FS/ °C
Load cell excitation voltage 4 V DC
Minimum load cell resistance 87 Ohm
Load cell inputs 2 independent
Max. amount of load cells 4 … 350 Ohm
8 … 700 Ohm
no. of load cells/input
Alarm output 4 control relays: alarm threshold, pre-alamr threshold, maximum load difference between channels and load cell cable break detection
Contacts from relay 48V DC/AC, 2A
Analog output (version 89148) 4-20mA / load cell input
A/D converter 16 bits
Supply 10 to 30VDC 
Consumption 6 W
Working temperature -20 °C to 50 °C
Storage temperature -20 °C to 60 °C
Operator interface 4 LED digit 7 mm, 4 keys
Weight Version 89147 … 0,3 kg
Version 89148 … 0,4 kg
Mounting DIN rail
Ingress protection IP 20