Digital load cells M730D and M740D go high speed.

23. 7. 2018

The digital load cells M730D and M740D have been modernized in hardware and software.

The modernization consists in:

  • Increase of the sampling rate of the A/D converter from 50 readings/sec up to 200 readings per second.
  • Implementation of new selectable digital filters to improve the filtering and thus optimizing the procedure for different dynamic and static applications
  • Increase of the speed communication with output data transmission at 115200 bauds

The new sampling rate of the A/D converter along the new filters is complatible with old configurations.

The new firmware is 1.120 version and can be uploaded in the load cells having the new higher speed circuits implemented in the load cell M730D and M740D manufactured from February 2017 from the serial number 1497544 and firmware versions 1.1xx. The older load cells with firmware version older than 1.1xx cannot be updated to the 200 Hz speed. The special bootloader and firmware can be supplied upon request free of charge.M740D