New models of load cells M740D

13. 11. 2023

Introducing NEW models of digital load cells, M740D, available in nominal capacities of 100t, 200t, 400t, and 600t


Assembling these load cells on a large structure brings many advantages, emphasizing the ability to read weight at each individual support point. This allows for constant monitoring of force alignment and provides the best tool for maintaining this high-performance weighing system.

The 740D model load cells are mechanically compatible with analog models 740 and share the same mounting accessories specially designed for forces, including a horizontal holder and a built-in anti-tip system.

For connecting these load cells with RS-485 output, electronic weight indicators SMART D and MATRIX II are available. In addition to providing accurate weight readings, they include a screen to assist with leveling, diagnostics, and maintenance of the weighing system. They are also compatible with the SensWEIGHT monitoring system.