UWT 6008 Multichannel data transmitter

28. 3. 2019

The 4 and 8 independent load cell channels data transmitter with Fieldbus output.

The UWT 6008 is a 4 to 8 independent load cell inputs transmitter with several Fieldbus protocols available.

Advantages of the UWT transmitter:

  • Each load cell input is transmitted with 24 bits resolution
  • Monitoring of each connected load cell and alarm signaling if unbalanced mass happens and loss of load cell signal
  • Different displaying of data for several uses

The UWT 6008 has several display modes:

 1. Displaying of total weight:

Zobrazení celkové hmotnosti

2.Displaying of individual load cell weight:

Zobrazení jednotlivých hmotností

3. Displaying of % distribution of total weight on each load cell:

Zobrazení rozložení sil

4. Displaying of independent load cell signal in mV/V

Zobrazení jednotlivých signálů


More information on the UWT 6008 can be find in this link: