Accessory 30907

The mounting-kit for the load cell Model 300 (5…500kg) has been designed for a robust and accurate weighing on industrial process tanks and hoppers, obtaining multiples advantages:
High repeatability and high accuracy of the weighing values due to a ball based joint, with integrated dust protector, improving the force transmission to the load cell and a better accommodation in front of thermal expansions, structural torsions and deflections.
Superior safety systems:

  • Easy installation in the tank supports, with or without the load cell.
  • Blockage bolts for transport protection of the load cells.
  • Upper plate with conical holes for self-centering.
  • Integrated lift-off prevention system.
  • Cable-entry protection plate for impacts during commissioning and for transited zones.
  • Upper and base plates with threads for electrical grounding.

Technical documentation

Available in versions:
Acc.30907: Zinc platted steel.
Acc.30907i: Stainless Steel.